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What are the terms of the lease?

12 months leases are preferred, however upon application a 6 months lease will be considered.

If I want to become a tenant, what is required from me?

We require two weeks bond, and one weeks rent in advance. Further advance payments can be arranged if agreed by both parties in writing. We ask you to fill out an application form, and provide referees for us to contact. We conduct reference checks on all tenants to ensure they are of good character. Your application is then presented to the property owner for approval. Payment of rent must be made by electronic funds transfer to Shared Living SA's Trust Account.

Why is there a cap on utilities? (Only if applicable, some properties do not include utilities).
We put a cap on all utilities to ensure that all tenants respect the usage of these services and the environment. This makes tenants accountable if they are doing the wrong thing by leaving air-conditioners, lights or electrical appliances running all day long which can be extremely costly, and dangerous if not restricted.

Am I responsible for cleaning?
Tenants are responsible for cleaning up after themselves, and must adhere to the cleaning roster that is provided. Each week a tenant is responsible for cleaning a common area of the property to ensure it is clean and hygienic at all times. If there are vacant rooms, then the existing tenants must share in looking after the left over common areas.

Who is responsible for purchasing cleaning products?
A vacuum cleaner, mop and bucket is provided. Tenants are responsible for purchasing all cleaning products such as detergents, dishwashing tablets if applicable, sponges and cloths for example. The cost and payment of these items needs to be handled and agreed by all tenants in the property.

What if the other tenants aren't doing their share of cleaning?
If the other tenants are not doing their share of cleaning, we ask you to contact us so we can rectify this situation. If they then ignore our requests for the cleaning to be completed, we will arrange for a cleaner to be sent in at their cost.

How often are inspections carried out?
Inspections are generally carried out every 3 months, however if we believe the house rules and cleaning roster is not being followed, then we may inspect the property on a monthly basis. We do this to ensure that all tenants are living in a clean, hygienic and happy environment.

Can I bring my own furniture?
Shared Living SA's properties come fully furnished, however if you would like to bring small items of furniture you can so long as they fit in your room and are not left in any common areas of the home.

How often does a gardener come?
We will send a gardener in from time to time to give the garden a tidy up, and this will be at the owner's and our discretion. We ask tenants to inform us when they feel the garden requires attention.

Do I still have to pay rent/utilities if I go away during the lease?

Yes, you must continue paying rent and utilities as per your agreement.

Who will I be sharing the property with?

We will always try and place you in a property where we believe you will be most suited. At our meeting with you, you will be informed of the other tenants age, sex and nationality. All tenants are reference checked to ensure they are of good character.

Can I have pets in your accommodation?

No, pets are strictly prohibited.


What if I have lost my keys or locked myself out of my room.

If you accidently lose the keys or lock yourself out of your room do not attempt to force entry. Please contact us on Ph: +61 410 143 523 and we will help if available. However, please do not call between 7pm and 7am. At these unsocial hours you will have to find alternative accommodation or call a locksmith at your expense. If we have to go out to the property to let you in, a $55.00 call out fee applies.


What if the property requires maintenance or something gets broken?

If the property requires any maintenance, you must contact us immediately so we can rectify this as soon as possible. You can email us at or call us during business hours on Ph: +61 410 143 523


If you or another tenant breaks any item in the home, please inform us as soon as possible. If we cannot identify who broke the item, the cost to replace or fix the item will be divided amongst all the tenants.

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